Sabtu, 24 November 2007


This picture is on DUFAN, Where we can play and having fun a lot which tour family, friend and who else. Which the technologi we have we can make a machine what we like what want to.


This picture is on SCTV, In this place they do on air where they show what have they should to show. Like example news, the world need news if they don’t like news they are so stupid they don’t know what happen in earth.

Mirage Post

This picture is on the Mirage post, they do advertising, editing, and many more. We can look this time the era of the communication now is blow up, everyone now realize that the technologi of communication is bigger than everything.

suara pembaruan

What is this? This is a news machine in “SUARA PEMBARUAN NEWS”, the machine work like printer but this is a big priner.
And look what happen if the world don’t have any news.

Trans TV

This is a Trans TV building, look because the communication technologi we can look the world have many station tv.

ARDAN radio

What the man doing? The man is on air in radio the world don’t just have news papper and station tv the communication technologi have machine name radio that where we just have to just hear.

Rabu, 07 November 2007

All About Acreetia in solar server

Oh....!!!! men my warrior can hunt in everywhere. b'cos that cora always rush at acree place hikzT_T. Come guys help me play in solar in acreetia race than kill that Cora.
make character which is strong then do lvling ur lvl or PT after that goooo rush Coraaaaaa......!!!!! and Bellatoooooo....!!!!